Organizational details

Publicity materials in take-away zip lock bags (to fit something 8.5" wide) (JS to buy & bring 24)
PT to get printed at Quinn copy center: Bookmarks & single-sheet foldable flyers

Flip chart paper & pens & scotch tape & sticky name tags - in my office
Lots of plates etc. -- also in my office
I'll check 9am of 25th and email JS if there are gaps.

Any expenses out of pocket will get reimbursed

Food for CCT event & for organizing dinner

Suggestion (of something that would work for both events)
Materials for wholesome mini-subs, fruit, nuts, drinks (esp. water). (JS to buy & bring -- PT to send suggestions & to email early on Friday if supplies are needed)
Something special?

Community gathering

A few signs on 2nd floor Wheatley pointing to W-2-209
Tara & Jeremy bring stuff from PT's office to W-2-209 for quick set up from 4.40-5pm
(PT will be with CCT faculty in W 2-209 all day except 2-3.15 conference session in McCormack -2nd fl-419)
PT prints out 30 bingo sheets
Flip chart sheets taped to the Smart board or to a tabel separate from the food table

Organizing group

Precirculate the wikipage on the Network
Very quick intro by PT to Tara as collector of Commitment sheets and to JS as session leader (in spirit of self-perpetuating org. group to support active CCT network, where the Network provides support for us to continue developing our skills, interests, etc.). JS introduces process = listen & think, incl. pass around the initial Network sketch + dialogue process guidelines + continue dialogue process on "Creating self-perpetuating org. group to support active CCT network"

Before people leave, complete Commitment sheet (incl. name, context email & phone, 1-year commitment [=attend or be in touch for monthly events & org. meeting/check-in afterwards] or 2-year, regular constraints on evening or weekend availability during a week, event ideas or events would like to be involved in..., able to attend Feb. 26...)