Knowledge claim

Ellie Foster will give birth to the Remus' child.

We know this because three healthy Remus embryos were implanted into Ellie and the probability that one will come to term is X.

Revised Knowledge claim

Ellie Foster may gestate an egg from the Remuses


Prepare each couple for this fact. Give a range of options for each couple to consider, separately and then together. (See Ellie Foster can abort fetuses.)

Prepare a briefing for IVF, Inc. on the range of options they might present to each couple to expand their thinking. (pjt)


Would the Remus' be willing to have their biological child brought up by the Fosters?

Will the Fosters want to keep the child as their own?

  • Given that IVF, inc. cannot know the answer to these questions when they are breaking the news to the couple about the mix-up, what are the range of possibilities and what preparation on other aspects (e.g., legal) is needed for each? (pjt)

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