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Shared children and interaction among families are increasing in society


Make available a range of Decision-Making Process between families for the two families to consider if there is an unintended pregnancy


What contracts may be needed and/or have been used in the past?

Dysfunction and changing attitudes of family unit?

What does sociological research say about trends of current families?

Does the political and social role of families in society illuminate/modify the action proposed? (ss)

Communal Families (sociology)
The main difference between a communal family and the nuclear archetype is that the communal family’s goal orientation is on the development of the self, whereas the nuclear family is goal oriented toward material goods. Communes are more likely to develop based on the proximity of kin. The other major factors are location and monetary orientation. I would advise against both the couple’s coming together in a communal fashion for the child due to the realistic hindrance. Whereas this would be better ideologically, and due to the biological connection of the child, seems possible; the economic realities of the US, and historical cases of communes make the scenario unviable. Further, in the case that law does become involved, historical cases suggest that courts favor the nuclear family, and the role of the father.

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