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IVF Failure Rates

IVF procedures fail anywhere from 50% to 80% of the time, depending upon how "success" is defined.

A variety of factors influence the outcome of IVF treatment, ranging from personal history issues like "unexplained infertility", previous radiation treatment, age (over 40 the success rate drops off sharply) to procedural issues like the particular method of treatment.


Patients should be informed of all the statistics surrounding failure rates, reasons for failure, and the potential complications arising from the procedure(s).


In what different ways is "success" defined? (pjt)

What are the sources for these claims? (pjt)

How do each of the factors affect "success"? (pjt)

How do these figures vary from clinic to clinic; from country to country? (pjt)

How are the figures on success rates presented to patients? (pjt)

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