"Syllabus Quiz"

(for CCT693)

  • Print out and check off in left margin when you have completed the item.

  • Get set-up on your computer, with bookmarks to the course syllabus and wiki, folders for course work, etc.

  • Set up your PD workbook.

  • Sign up for first conference (to which you should bring your PD workbook).

  • Create account (i.e., username & password) on http://www.wikispaces.com; join http://cct.wikispaces.com (see instructions; create and practice editing your own personal wikipage, 693-08XX, where XX=your initials, on cct.wikispaces.com.
  • Send questions to the course email listserv if you need help -- don't spend more than about 5 minutes confused by the wiki.

  • Read assigned sections of Schmuck and think about the relationship between his systematic treatment of the topic and your experience in class 1.

  • Imagine that you were carrying out research under steps 1a or 1b in the compressed action research. Prepare your questions and contact the person(s) by email to get answers. These answers will help make steps 2, 3 etc. more concrete.