Schedule of Collaborative Explorations (CEs)

to help people decide whether to join the CE, a short preview session on google+ hangout may be scheduled a week before the CE starts

Current and Upcoming

Critical, Creative and Reflective Practice

Science in a Changing World

postponed Whys to look for genes: Pros and complications

Other future possibilities

Critical Creative and Reflective Practice
Science in a Changing World
  • If CE participants want to set up additional CEs, they can do so either a) through one of the existing google+ communities associated with CEs (CCRP or SICW), in which case, the moderators would vett the proposals; or b) in their own virtual spaces (as would especially be appropriate adapting the approach to areas other than the two above), in which case, they are welcome to advertize the CEs in either of the google+ communities above.

Past CEs


July, Deeper Rationale for a "Collaborative for Exploration of Scientific and Political Change"


Apr, Connectivist MOOCs: Learning and collaboration, possibilities and limitations
May, Creative and Transformative Education
June, Scaffolding Creative Learning
July, Design for Living Complexities
Aug --
Sept, Everyone can think creatively!
Oct, Stories to scaffold creative learning
Nov, Young people designing their own lives
Dec, Manifestos for Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving


Jan ---
Feb, The democratic control of science—A self-guided e-trail
Feb, Running deep learning communities within connectivist MOOCs
March, Policy and practices around new genetic technologies, here and there
April, Preparing people to be informed participants in political debates about science, technology, and social change
May, Science-policy connections to improve responses to extreme climatic events: Briefings requested—quickly!
June, More and more curious
July, Design for Living Complexities
Aug ---
Sept, Where can reflective practice make a difference?
Oct, Using Critical Thinking as a Tool for Empathy in a Polarized Culture
Dec, How gender shapes critical thinking and creative thinking, and vice versa


April, What is or isn't transformative learning?
Rethinking Critical Thinking -- series of asynchronous CEs (no live sessions)
Sept, How do people have their thinking changed?
Oct, Everyone can think critically!
Nov, Manifesto and Plan for Practice in Critical Thinking


Jul/Aug, Design for Living Complexities